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I'm Not Sick I Don't Need Help! Dr. Amador trains you how to build trust and help the 6 million Seriously Mentally Ill in the US accept treatment with the LEAP approach.

Crowne Plaza, Foster City/San Mateo, California:  The June 21-23rd LEAP event teaches families and professionals how to create relationships that lead to treatment, while avoiding homelessness, jail and other more devastating outcomes. This event with Dr. Amador, an internationally recognized expert in forensic psychology, is for Family Caregivers, Mental Health and Criminal Justice Professionals.

Dr. Amador regularly interviewed on CNN, NBC, by the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and featured on Bravo, pioneered the LEAP® approach to give family members and professionals the tools they need to persuade someone in “denial” to accept help. Amador’s one day LEAP® training has helped countless people break through the “I’m not sick!” impasse. Dr. Amador brings cutting edge science to families and professionals that desperately need these new tools that work to help someone accept treatment—even when they don’t know they are ill.

Author of the international bestseller I am Not Sick, I Don’t Need Help! Dr. Amador says, Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different resultEinsteins definition of insanity—is exactly what most doctors and families do. Amador, who had a brother with schizophrenia, adds that, Understanding why your help is pushed away, learning that it’s not denial your dealing with, is the key to success.

On June 21st, up to 300 family caregivers and mental health and law enforcement professionals will be trained to use LEAP® with their loved one’s and/or clients.   On June 22nd and June 23rd, 25 pre-selected participants (total of 50) from the June 21st training are trained to become LEAP® Trainers.  

Dr. Amador reveals the science showing that many people with serious mental illness are not in denial! Instead, the root of the problem is a symptom of their brain disorder leaving them unable to understand—no matter what proof they are shown—that they have an illness. Once you learn the truth about this symptom, called anosognosia, you stop arguing and trying to convince the person of something that is impossible for them to see. Dr. Amador will demonstrate, through interactive role- plays and science-based education that, “You never win on the strength of your argument. You win on the strength of your relationship.”  All those attending will leave this event with the 7 LEAP® communication tools to create relationships that lead to partnerships, treatment and recovery. This event is co-sponsored by NAMI San Francisco and NAMI San Mateo. /

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