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Gain the tools to help someone with MENTAL ILLNESS accept treatment & services.

Omaha, NE [Sept 5-7, 2019]:  Over 6 Million people struggling with serious mental illness in the U.S. refuse treatment because they don’t think they’re sick! How can we help? The LEAP Foundation for Research to Practice, sponsored by CHI Health, Creighton University, Ken and Ann Stinson, will host a LEAP Training event on September 5-7, 2019 at The Harper Center and Immanuel Conference Center in Omaha, NE. The 1-Day LEAP Course will teach the public—including Family Members, Peer Support Specialists, Mental Healthcare and Criminal Justice Professionals how to create trusting relationships with people struggling with serious mental illness that lead to treatment and recovery—reducing homelessness, criminalization, involuntary hospitalizations, and suicide. 

The LEAP approach is a set of evidence-based communication tools pioneered by Dr. Xavier Amador, internationally renowned clinical psychologist, best-selling author of I AM NOT SICK, I Don’t Need Help!, Co-founder of the LEAP Foundation, and contributing forensic expert on CNN, NBC, 60 Minutes, New York Times and Wall Street Journal. He is also a family caregiver of relatives with schizophrenia and bipolar disorders.

Dr. Amador will teach participants how to quickly establish trust, lower anger/paranoia, and gain compliance with people who have serious mental illness and ANOSOGNOSIA—a neurological symptom that leaves a person unable to understand that s/he is ill, resulting in treatment refusal, noncompliance, and conflict with loved ones and professionals. He states, “Understanding why your help is pushed away, learning that it’s not denial you’re dealing with, is the key to success.”

TRAINING SCHEDULE:  On Thursday, Sept. 5, Family, Peers and Professionals will be trained on how to use the LEAP approach, including the 7 LEAP Tools, anosognosia research and interactive role-plays. For those interested in becoming Certified Trainers to teach within their communities and organizations, a follow-up Train-the-Trainer Trainer Course will take place Friday, Sept. 6 for Professionals only and Saturday, Sept. 7 for Family, Friends and Peers only. Thanks to our generous sponsors, SCHOLARSHIPS AVAILABLE —contact for more info.

Once you learn the truth about what causes the “denial” you stop arguing, trying to convince the person of something that is impossible for them to see and start developing a trusting relationship.

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For more information, please contact:
Gabriela Canedo, Deputy Executive Director
LEAP Foundation for Research to Practice, Inc.
(888) 801-LEAP (5327) ext. 117,