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Regional LEAP Trainings & Certifications  

The LEAP Foundation is a 501(c)(3) that provides science-based education, training and other support to individuals and organizations wishing to learn about serious mental illness (SMI), anosognosia and how to more effectively help those suffering from these disorders.

Our top goal is to train family caregivers, peer specialists, mental healthcare and criminal justice professionalsinvolved in the care, recovery and safety of persons suffering from serious mental illnesson how to create relationships that lead to treatment using the LEAP approach.



The #1 reason 6+ million people with serious mental illness in the U.S. refuse treatment is ANOSOGNOSIA—a brain-based symptom that impairs the ability to see their own illness, resulting in high risk of:

  • Refusal of treatment and treatment drop-outs
  • Involuntary hospitalizations
  • Poorer course of illness
  • Homelessness 
  • Criminalization
  • Suicide



LEAP® (Listen-Empathize-Agree-Partner) is an evidence-based program that to teaches you how to create alliances with persons with serious mental illness that lead to treatment and recovery.

Join world-renowned expert in psychiatry and forensic psychology, Dr. Xavier Amador, for a 1-Day Course or 2-Day Training Certification at one of LEAP Foundation’s training events, for a radically different approach to more effectively help those suffering form these disorders.



LEAP Course (1 Day) — learn the LEAP® Approach

This one-day course is for professionals, family members and peer specialists who want to learn how to use the LEAP approach. 

  • Identify Anosognosia vs. "Denial"
  • Lower Anger, Resistance & Defensiveness
  • Re-establish Trust & Broken Relationships
  • Create an Alliance that Leads to Treatment

Course Includes

  • The 7 LEAP® Communication Tools
  • Cutting Edge Science-based Practices
  • Updated Anosognosia Research
  • "I AM NOT SICK, I Don't Need Help" book
  • Interactive Role Plays


Train-the-Trainer Certification (2 Days) — learn to teach LEAP®

Join a national network of trainers and help us educate the world on LEAP!

This two-day course is only for individuals who want to become a Certified Trainer and who are committed to teaching LEAP within their organizations and communities.

Prerequisite:  (1) LEAP Course, and (2) Trainer Application Approved—you will be emailed an application once you register, to confirm your registration to this certification and ensure that it’s properly suited to meet your goals.

Course Includes

  • LEAP Trainer Manual and Training Materials
  • Trainer Slides and Participant Handouts
  • Access to Trainer Webinars & Conferences
  • Ongoing Training & Feedback from Dr. Amador and Senior LEAP Institute Faculty


Who Should Attend?

Mental Healthcare Professionals, Family Caregivers, Peer Specialists and Criminal Justice Professionals.

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