Mission Statement

Closing the Gap between Science & Practice

The LEAP Foundation for Research to Practice is a non-profit 501(c)(3) dedicated to serving family caregivers of persons with serious mental illness (SMI) and addiction, mental healthcare professionals, criminal justice professionals, and others involved in the care, recovery, and safety of persons suffering from these disorders.

Our primary mission is to educate about the unmet needs of persons with mental illness and addiction who have anosognosia---persons who do not understand they have an illness and could benefit from treatment and services.

Closing this gap between science and practice—what research has found to be effective versus what people commonly do to help persons with poor awareness of their disorders—is a core goal of the LEAP Foundation.

The LEAP Foundation provides science-based education and training and other support to organizations and individuals wishing to learn about these disorders, anosognosia and the LEAP program. Training and certifying LEAP trainers is among our top priorities. The LEAP program and approach focuses on creating trusting relationships that lead to engagement and acceptance of treatment and services.  

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