Course Descriptions

LEAP Course

The LEAP Course helps persons with mental illness that are either non-adherent, or only partially adherent, become fully engaged in treatment and services (medication, psychotherapy, psychosocial programs, peer-support, supervised housing, etc.) and to cooperate with persons who are trying to help them (with accepting treatment and services and/or in law enforcement/corrections settings, with de-escalation and following requests/directions).

The LEAP Course is completed over the course of one day and involves didactic, experiential, and role-play workshops. The workshops are unique in that the same evidence-based practices are taught to:

• MENTAL HEALTH PROVIDERS (psychiatrists, social workers, nurses, psychologists, case managers, crisis workers, consumer peer counselors, occupational therapists, etc.),

• FAMILY CAREGIVERS AND FRIENDS (of persons with mental illness), and


(i.e., others who regularly work with persons who have serious mental illnesses). *

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TTT Course


LEAP TRAINERS: To be certified as a LEAP Trainer, one must first complete the above LEAP Course (The LEAP Course is a prerequisite for the TTT course and certification). 

A more detailed description of the TRAIN THE TRAINERS (TTT) one-day course is also available upon request.

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